Once upon a time, Nazgul walked the Earth in search of wandering souls to devour for power. As a result, the streets we no longer flooded with people. Tonight, a precious kitten was playing alone in the streets, disregarding the treacherous Nazgul that have been patrolling in search of victims. But, little does this fearless feline know that a Nazgul is quickly approaching in hopes of soaking up another helpless soul. Right as the Nazgul was preparing to strike, a hero appeared from the darkness to save this innocent kitty. Meowra is sick and tired of these terrible Nazgul and vows to put an end to their ruthless reign over this tiny town. The goal of this game is to match three or more of the same gem to execute a move. Each gem represents a different effect, from boosting your defense stat to unleashing a devastating special attack on your enemy. Use your skills to match three or more of the same gem to damage your opponent and see just how many foes Meowra can defeat in this fun online matching game for kids!




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